How it works for individuals
looking for consulting assignments


Set your profile type

Choose how you want to use The ExperienceBank. You can choose to engage with EB for Consulting Opportunities, Coaching and Development or both.

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Create a profile

Create a profile using our simple to use interface. Add as much or as little you want to showcase the experience you have to offer.

Once you have published your profile it is automatically visible to the consulting firms listed on The ExperienceBank.

A sample of the questions asked if looking for consulting opportunities.

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Go to the opportunity panel
on the dashboard

To start looking for assignments click on the Find opportunities link on your dashboard.

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See our recommendations

From here you can view a list of recommended opportunities matched to your profile criteria.

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Search for opportunities

Or if you prefer you can search for opportunities using our search tool.

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Start creating a watchlist

Once you have found an opportunity that you think may suit. You can add it to your watchlist.

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Any opportunity added to your watchlist will show in your dashboard watchlist.

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Send an enquiry for the opportunity

When you are ready to send an enquiry for an opportunity you can do so from the opportunity page. Clicking on the enquire button will open the enquiry mode which will send a brief note to the consulting firm who posted the enquiry.

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When an enquiry is sent the firm will receive a notification that you are interested in their opportunity or expression of interest and when they create their shortlist for the opportunity your enquiry will feature in the search results and the consulting firm's activity stream.

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