The ExperienceBank FAQ

What is the ExperienceBank?

The ExperienceBank is a professional community, connecting professional individuals, consulting firms and personal/ professional development service providers, for mutual benefit.

Our goal is to help professional people to leverage their existing experience and gain new experience, to advance their careers, professional and personal lives.

Who started the ExperienceBank?

The ExperienceBank is the brain child of David Mackenzie. David has worked for many years int he Australian consulting industry servicing many of the big names in the Australian corporate world. Through his firm Mackenzie and Noble he has an acute appreciation of what is required when it comes to developing strategies and systems for creating consistent and manageable workflows for resources. He also has an appreciation of the nature of change int he corporate world and is passionate about supporting people to explore their fullest potential.

Who is the ExperienceBank for?

The business world has changed, we operate in the “gig economy” yet personal financial pressures are stronger than ever. For some (contractors and independent consultants) this is a relatively comfortable space – but with more and more independent consultants in the market how do I secure my next assignment, and the one after that…?

For other professionals who are still in or may have recently left the corporate world, the transition is challenging. What pathway should I take? Do I want to try consulting? How can I get started and succeed as a consultant? How do I balance what I'd like to do with the need to earn money?

The ExperienceBank exists to help these people evolve their lives and careers in ways that are true to them.

The ExperienceBank is also for Consulting Firms and Professional & Personal Development businesses who wish to offer opportunities or services to these people

Is The ExperienceBank a confidential service?

Yes. All data is stored safely on our server and no information is used in any other way as described in our terms of service.

The ExperienceBank profile allows you control the amount of data that is displayed in your profile or any search tools.

What is the cost of a subscription to The ExperienceBank?

If you would like to find out about pricing for The ExperienceBank please contact us.

Need an answer to a different question?

If you need more information about The ExperienceBank please get in touch and we will be happy to follow up with you personally.

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