How it works for service providers

The ExperienceBank makes it easy to connect with professional individuals looking for your services. You can search for people who are looking for your services using our search tool or get personalised recommendations via your profile dashboard. You can also maintain a contact list of potential clients to reference who you are working with now or who you want to work with in the future.


Create a profile

Create a profile using our simple to use interface. Add as much or as little you want to showcase the type of support you have to offer.

Once you have published your profile it is automatically visible to the members of The ExperienceBank.

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Search for members.

Use The ExperienceBank search tool or recommendations to find people looking for your services.

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Add members to
your contact list.

You can now add users to your contact list by visiting their profile and clicking the "Add to contacts" button.

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Members added to your contact list all appear in your profile panel under the contact list tab.

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Publish to
The ExperienceBank

Support services for The ExperienceBank are also able to post content (subject to editorial approval) to The ExperienceBank blog network. This offers a great solution for pushing your work out into an even broader network.

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