Advertise Consulting Roles
to Experienced Professionals.

As leaders of consulting businesses we all know the challenges we face
balancing the sales pipeline, workload and the delivery pool. Having excellent experienced consultants is critical
to our branding and reputation – we all want the A team, but we want them available when we need them!

But what to do when we have the assignment right now but we don't have the person?

Find the right person

Traditionally we have called around our networks to see if they know of anyone suitable who is available, or we resort to advertising on job sites ….a pathway through which we often get flooded with lots of irrelevant applications and a plethora of CVs to wade through.

Well, no more!

As a corporate member of the ExperienceBank you can search on, and/or make your opportunities visible and open to our Bank of experienced consultants and professionals who are actively seeking consulting assignments and are available to meet your client’s needs. If you see someone with the experience you need you can immediately initiate contact.

Opportunities are created by using our simple
no-fuss interface from The ExperienceBank profile area.

Once an opportunity is published it becomes searchable for any ExperienceBank member. Any member who matches the criteria you defined when you created the opportunity will receive a recommended opportunity notification. As a simple example if your opportunity is based in NSW and is in the strategy field then all consultants from NSW and who also have experience in strategy will be listed as recommended consultants. Our matching process is more sophisticated than this example but it can give you an idea of how The ExperienceBank may work for you.

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