Build your virtual team

As leaders of consulting businesses we all know the challenges
we face balancing the sales pipeline, workload and the delivery pool.

Having excellent experienced consultants is critical to our branding and reputation – we all want the A team.
We want them when we want them, but we don't want to build up a substantial fixed cost base
and have people on the bench costing us money.

The solution ...

Build a virtual pool of delivery resources
through the ExperienceBank.

The ExperienceBank member base includes many experienced professionals who are looking for consulting assignments as and when they arise. Some are looking today, others have requested that they be notified as and when certain types of opportunities arise in the future.

As a corporate member of the ExperienceBank you can identify the consultants that best fit with your firm's capability, let them know that they are “on your radar” by expressing interest in their services, and through that process build a virtual pool of extended capability and capacity without building up a fixed cost base.

And, of course, as the assignments arrive you can invite these people to operate as part of your team.

You can have your cake and eat it. Build the bench strength without carrying the cost and access your virtual resource pool as and when required.

How it works ...


Find users

Choose to use the free search or view The ExperienceBank recommendations. Users are listed with their location, availability and areas of experience.

Search for users

Search for users

View recommendations

Recommended users


Find consultants that may match your current or future assignments.

Sort through the search results to find people that you may want to know more about - either now or at a later date.

Find Consultants

Add them to your resource pool

Add them to your resource pool by viewing theor profile and clicking the "Add to resource pool button".

Add to pool

View your resource pool

Once a user is added to the resource pool, you can come to their profile at any stage via your resource pool page. You can initiate contact from the resource pool as well as create notes for each member.

Resource Pool page

Resource pool members appear in your shortlist for opportunities

Once a member is added to your resource pool they automatically become available in your opportunity shortlist selections. For any opportunity you create you can add members to a shortlist which is populated by members of your resource pool, people who have expressed interest in the opportunity and any of the ExperienceBank recommendations.

Add to shortlist