Is it time to make some changes
in your career and life pathways?


Perhaps you are looking to find a better balance between your personal and professional life, maybe its just time to do something different, or maybe you need help addressing matters that are holding you back?

At the ExperienceBank we regularly see professionals who are unfulfilled in their career and lives and yearning for something different and new… yet starting the change journey to become truer to themselves can be challenging.

We see 3 broad categories of people working through change in their lives:

  • Those who are experiencing an emerging awareness that they aren’t content in their work/life balance– the subconscious need for change is moving towards a conscious awareness!
  • Those who know its time for a change, are ready to act, but don't know how best to move forward
  • Those who have experienced a catalytic experience potentially loss of job, or relationship breakdown) that has created a shock and disruption to one’s world and the need and opportunity to re-evaluate.

Supporting the process
is important ...

We observe that many of these people are time poor, proud of their successes to date and, whilst recognizing they would benefit from support may not be naturally inclined to seek support.

So, at the ExperienceBank we have created a network and community through which individuals can find and take the support that they would like , in a way that works for them, confidentially.

Support is important


Get access

As a member of the ExperienceBank you have access to:

  • Career coaches, who can help you determine what you are really best suited for and plan a pathway to that end.
  • Mentors – people who have been through similar journeys to your own who can act as your guide and sounding board.
  • Personal Development professionals – who can help you gain a deeper understanding of the transition you are going through and to help you work on being true to you.
  • Professional training organisations – who can help you develop and enhance your professional skillset.

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