The ExperienceBank
for consulting firms.

The ExperienceBank helps boutique consulting firms
rapidly and cost effectively find experienced
professionals to work on your client engagements,
now or in the future.


The ExperienceBank's key features for consulting firms ...

  • Advertise consulting roles to experienced professionals

    Access to (and ability to search on) a warm base of experienced candidates who looking for consulting opportunities.

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  • See how it works for consulting firms

    Curious to find out how easy it is to create a profile and start advertising your upcoming consulting assignments.

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  • Build your virtual team

    Access to experienced professionals who are interested in being notified of consulting opportunities as and when they come up in the future.

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Easy to use profile for your consulting firm

As a member of The ExperienceBank you also have the ability to maintain your profile, so that you can promote your services the way you want to. You can say as much or as little as you think you need to showcase the experience you can offer to help people become their best.

A typical profile at The ExperienceBank

Profile Screenshot

Connect with highly qualified and motivated consultants ...