Trying to move onwards and upwards but hitting barriers?
Open and honest feedback can help you see
and address your blindspots.

Are you frustrated with the way your career is progressing?
Is something holding you back from the life and career you feel you deserve?
Do the opportunities seem to be passing you by but your not sure why?

Hoenst appraisalsAt the ExperienceBank we believe that independent, open, honest, non judgmental observations and feedback can be hugely beneficial to individuals who are seeking to work on themselves to evolve their careers down their chosen pathways. Lets be honest – whilst well intended, the efforts by most companies’ HR departments to effectively deliver this is poor, the service limited and significantly resource constrained, and genuine independence is absent.

Unless it is offered to you on a plate, who is really going to approach their boss of HR department for genuine arms length honest appraisals and support without feeling they are compromising their future in the organization?


Invest in yourself ...

The ExperienceBank provides you with the opportunity to invest in yourself, get this open and honest feedback, start to see the blindspots and start to take actions to address those…..all in a safe, private and confidential environment. As a member of the ExperienceBank you have access to:

Coaches and accredited personal development professionals
who can work with you one on one providing constructive, non judgmental open and honest feedback, and support you on your journey

Psychometric assessment tools (dependent on selected coach)
to help you understand your core traits and what they may suggest for you.

Facilitated group sessions.
Join a group of other ExperienceBank members, to work together through a series of sessions, receiving (and giving) open and host non-judgmental feedback from and to your peers.


To have the courage and openness to see ourselves
as others see us is the key to personal progression.