Are you a bit “over” being a cog
in the wheel in the corporate world
with the associated games and politics?

Thinking of becoming a consultant, or looking for something interesting
to get your teeth into and keep the income flowing in whilst considering your next step?
Or maybe you are a career consultant simply looking for the next exciting gig?


Hidden Consulting MarketAt the ExperienceBank we’ve noticed a growing trend of experience professionals stepping out of the corporate world and looking for consulting engagements.

At the same time , we are well aware that most of the boutique consulting businesses in town like to operate with a flexible asset base, bringing in experienced professionals onto their assignments as and when the need arises. These firms don't advertise their assignments on recruitments sites – things move far too quickly for that. They tap their networks to address the (often immediate) resource requirement.

….So, we thought “why don't we match these people up!”

Consulting firms registered with the ExperienceBank are looking for experienced professionals like you. Some have immediate assignments they are looking to resource, some are looking for resources to be available for future assignments as and when they arise.

As a member of the ExperienceBank, you have visibility of and access to these current and future opportunities, and are able to market yourself, knock on their door and ensure you are on their radar at all times.


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