The ExperienceBank
for individuals

The ExperienceBank helps professionals to find contract
and consulting opportunities and, for those looking to explore
new pathways, to access career and executive coaches who can support
their transition journey.

As a member of the ExperienceBank you have access to the opportunities
and support that enable you to evolve your life & career in the way
that is right for you.


The ExperienceBank's key features for individuals ...

  • Get access to “the hidden” consulting opportunity market. Express interest in current or potential future consulting and contract opportunities with boutique consulting firms who are looking for people with your experience.

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  • Personal Profiles

    Create a beautiful online profile showcasing the Experience you are selling and the Experience you are looking for.

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  • See how it works for Individuals

    Curious to find out how easy it is to find new consulting assignments or to connect with our hand picked support providers.

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  • Confidential access to coaches, personal development services and professional training services. Find career and executive coaches who can help you evolve your career and transition your life in the way that is best for you or professional training organisations that can help you to develop your skillset.

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  • Honest Appraisals

    We can help you to “see yourself as others see you” and become aware of (and address) any gaps that may be holding you back.


To have the courage and openness to see ourselves
as others see us can be the key to personal progression.